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Fatherhood is not a coincidence, but the mission of life.

Briefly about us
a resource for the best dads

This is a unique resource for any man who wants to be the best dad for his children. The resource is created by the International Center of Fatherhood (ICF) and offers parents from around the world, paternity research results, workshops and trainings, practical advice and much more to help men improve their relationships with their children and grandchildren.

The ICF was founded in 2003 by an initiative group led by Alexander Marchenko. The International Center for Parents has the vision that every child has joy, love, care and well-being through a parent involved in his life.



Our goal is
And the mission

That every child has joy, love, care and well-being through a parent who takes an active part in the life of his child.
We are sure that every child needs a father on whom she can rely. Children are thriving when they have a dad who takes an active part in their lives. A father who loves them, knows them, communicates from heart to heart and helps to realize in life.

The restoration of healthy principles of parenthood, the implementation of a positive impact on the state of the family through the popularization and dissemination of a model of good father in modern society and the involvement of men in active parenting.
Our activity is devoted to inspiring and teaching men to be active dads and grandfathers. Be a positive example for your children.



Since October 2006, restoring the healthy foundations of paternity, promoting and spreading the model of a good father in modern Ukrainian society, the International Center of Fatherhood has launched the project Public Initiative Father's Day.



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