ICF History

The nternational Center of Fatherhood is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose purpose is to have a positive impact on the state of the family in modern society through the involvement of men in active parenthood.

The ICF has has unique many years of experience working with fathers in Ukrainian families. More than 150 seminars were held, attended by over 13,000 men. More than 1000 men have completed the Paternity Fundamentals program, which has led to significant improvements in their families. The Center was created as a result of the activity of the initiative group under the leadership of Alexander Marchenko.


    1996 YEAR

    In 1996, Alexander Marchenko began to study the world experience in the field of fatherhood, methods of education and involvement of men in active fatherhood. He also initiates roundtables with men, public figures to study the Ukrainian specificity of the issue.


    1998 YEAR

    In 1998, Alexander Marchenko and a group of like-minded people began a series of seminars for men and their families, discussing the role and responsibility of a man as a father.


    2001 YEAR

    In 2001, due to the growing interest in the topic of paternity, men were offered the "Fatherhood Basics" course. This course is designed for self-study with further discussion in a group with men who wished to improve or qualitatively improve their relationships with their wife and children.


    2003 YEAR

    2003 was the next step in the development of the initiative: The International Non-Governmental Organization "International Fatherhood Center" was registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (St. No. 2013 of December 25, 2003).


    2004 YEAR

    In 2004, a new annual summer project for parents and their teens, "Big Adventure," began. This is a fun kayaking trip where dad and their children develop heart-to-heart relationships, immersing themselves in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship, caring for one another.


    2005 YEAR

    In 2005, the Center started active international activities to develop the movement of parents in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and Poland. ICF actively participated in the project 2005 - the Year of the Family in Siberia. Four conferences were held in the major cities of Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Tomsk, and Kemerovo. Methodological assistance was also provided to the Cyril and Methodius Charitable Foundation in Poland on the development of the Tato - net parent initiative. Presentations and working meetings were held with state and non-governmental organizations in the Republic of Belarus.


    OCTOBER 2006 -2007 YEAR

    October 2006 - 2007 The tenth anniversary of the ICF was marked by the implementation of a large-scale project: the Father's Day Public Initiative. Within the project, regional forums were held with the support of regional and city state self-government bodies. Through the media, the model of the good dad was promoted by the Center. An all-Ukrainian collection of signatures was initiated in support of the introduction of the Father's Day holiday under the address of the President of Ukraine.


    2008 YEAR

    In 2008, for the first time in Ukraine, the International Center for Paternity held the All-Ukrainian Public Forum "The Importance of the Role of the Father in the Family and Society." More than 500 delegates from among the representatives of ministries, public services, public and religious associations discussed the challenges and opportunities in overcoming the crisis of the absence of a father in the family. The experience of working with male fathers in Ukraine was presented by the International Center for Fatherhood and the model of the “Good Father” was proposed for popularization.


    2018 YEAR

    In May 2018, the Public Initiative to establish an official celebration of Father's Day in Ukraine reached its goal. The President of Ukraine signed a decree on the annual celebration of Father's Day on the third Sunday of June. For 13 years, the International Center for Fatherhood worked to popularize the celebration of this day in Ukraine and advocated such a need at the state level.

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