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"Good father" model

Good father, what is he like? Immediately, it is not so easy to answer this question.

The Good Father model is designed to provide a clear and meaningful answer to this question, which is useful for several reasons:

  • firstly, this model covers the main areas of a man’s family life at both the applied and value levels;
  • secondly, to assess their paternity, this model provides a male with clear criteria;
  • thirdly, to popularize responsible fatherhood in modern society, this model provides a clear and understandable message.

Good Father

  • “Good father” - responsible for preserving the life of a child from the moment of conception.

By this we affirm that a man becomes a father from the moment of conception of his child. It is at the time of conception that a man acquires a new status, parental rights and obligations in relation to his child and his mother.

  • “Good father” - is involved in raising his children with his wife.

By this we affirm that a man should be involved in the upbringing and care of a child on a par with his mother. The best situation for a family and full development of a child is when a man and a woman act together as a parent team.

  • «Хороший отец» - обеспечивает семью материально, сохраняя время для семьи.

By this we affirm that a man is equally responsible for both the material support of the family and its psychological well-being. A family with children needs a male father, not just a breadwinner.

  • “Good father” - by personal example, passes moral and spiritual values ​​to descendants.

By this we affirm that the father’s right and responsibility are not limited to homework, material support for the family and the satisfaction of its psychological needs. The father is called upon to form, by his own example, spiritual and moral value foundations and guidelines in his children.


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